Joelle's Bakery & Cafe

The Story of Joelle's

You may be wondering who Joelle is, how you pronounce it or even where it came from. Well, Joelle (Jo-L) is my middle name, and it’s a combination of two of my great grandmothers’-- Joann and Ella. My first name, Ashley, seemed too common and I wanted something that would stand out, and make people say, “Hey, let’s go to Joelle’s!”

I discovered a love for baking and decorating at ten years old when I spent a day at my friend Jessie’s house learning from her mom Lane Ann Miller. I was hooked. That same year I became my family’s go to birthday cake baker. At fourteen, I received payment for my work for the first time. By the time I was a junior in high school, I was making so many cakes for people in the community, that I had my own little business running from my family’s kitchen.

I graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN with a BBA in Business Management in 2014. During my time in Nashville, I was able to take classes at Sweetwise, and worked for the Painted Cupcake in Green Hills. In 2015, my husband and I moved back to Hopkinsville, and I immediately began planning for what now is Joelle’s.

Joelle’s is a dream come true, and I hope when you walk in you feel at home, because that’s where it all started.


Ashley Joelle Yates




Ashley can do all the things, but she's primarily the one making the custom cakes, cupcakes and macarons you see leaving our doors!


Braydee runs our lunch line everyday, making sure you get your food hot, fresh and fast. When not doing that, she likes to help decorate our royal icing sugar cookies.

Meet the Bakers


Sherry works in the kitchen when needed, but she usually stays in the office making sure Joelle's stays running, handling all the business and administrative side of things.


Monique is responsible for all the breathtaking sugar cookies you see at our bakery. We depend on her for alot of things, but everyday we can expect her to keep us entertained with music and laughter.


Brinlee is always making us laugh. She is the bright face that comes in after our lunch rush. We think she is great with our guests, and we're sure you'll agree. 

Anna Beth

AB is one of our girls who comes in when needed. She takes the spot of whoever may need a break that day. She knows how to run the front counter, and is doing a great job of learning how to bake all of our delicious treats.


Parker is our smallest baker in training. She spends her days strapped to our boss's chest helping roll out dough. She is definitely our most adorable distraction, and it won't be long till she's making the cupcakes herself.

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