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Have your cake and love it too.

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We love making beautiful designs on sugar cookies with buttercream or with royal icing. Buttercream is softer and doesn't have the ability to harden or do the more intricate designs, but it has a more vanilla taste. Royal icing hardens and allows you to do more artwork, but it tends to just taste sweet, and to some, too sweet.

Base Cookie Pricing

Mini sugar cookies (approx. 2x2) $2 each

Regular sugar cookies (approx 4x4) $4 each

Cookie Cakes

6" (Serves 4-6) $15

8" (serves 8-10) $24

10" (serves 10-12) $30

12" (serves 12-15) $36

14" (serves 16-18) $44

Macarons are a french created cookie with a hard outside and soft inside. The shell has a hollow crunch and a sweet flavorful center. Macarons are $1.95 each and an ongoing list can be found below.

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Customs & Cupcakes

Custom cakes are any cakes not featured on our Designer Cakes Collection page. Click the link below to see if you're cake is already featured and priced!

We love doing custom cakes for any occasion. All of our round cakes are three layers, and sheet cakes are two layers.  All prices below are only starting points.

Base Cake Pricing

6" round (feeds 8-12)  $30

8" round (feeds 15-20) $47

10" round (feeds 25-30) $71

12" round (feeds 35-40) $95

1/4 sheet cake (feeds 25) $55

1/2 sheet cake (feeds 50) $105

full sheet cake (feeds 100) $210

Base Cupcake Pricing

1-5 cucpakes $3.00 each

6-11 cupcakes $2.50 each

12-more $2.25 each

Signature cupcakes $3.50 each

Mini cupcakes $1.00


Daily Cupcake Flavors

Black Tie Affair-Rich Chocolate Cake topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting and dipped in chocolate ganache.​


Cookies n Cream- Vanilla Cake with crushed oreos and topped with an oreo buttercream 

Old School- Vanilla Bean Cake topped with Chocolate Buttercream 

Plain Jane- Vanilla Bean Cake topped with Vanilla Buttercream 

Pretty in Pink- Strawberry Cake  and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Southern Belle- Classic Red Velvet Cake topped with our smooth Cream Cheese frosting! 

Triple Threat - Rich Chocolate Cake topped with Chocolate Buttercream and sprinkled with chocolate chips! 

What's Up Doc? - Moist Carrot cake with walnuts and topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting 


Signature Cupcake Flavors

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup- Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter topped with peanut butter buttercream, ganache and a Reese’s peanut butter cup

S'mores- Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream iced with marshmallow buttercream topped with a graham cracker, Hershey bar and toasted marshmallows

**Salted Caramel- Your choice of Chocolate or vanilla Cake topped with fresh salted caramel icing

Strawberry Cheesecake--Vanilla cake with a graham cracker bottom, filled with vanilla cheesecake filling, topped with a cream cheese frosting and strawberry glaze drizzled on top.

Strawberry Lemonade- Lemon cake filled with strawberry curd and iced with a strawberry buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake- Vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberry sauce and iced with whipped cream

The Elvis- Banana cake topped with peanut butter icing and a honey drizzle

Toasted Coconut- Coconut cake with vanilla buttercream and rolled in toasted coconut

Vanilla Gingerbread- Vanilla spice cake topped with cookie butter buttercream and a gingerbread man

**Key Lime Pie- Key lime cake topped with lime cream cheese and graham cracker crumbs

Lemon Blueberry-Lemon blueberry cake topped with lemon cream cheese and a sugared blueberry on top

**Lemon Delight- Lemon cake topped with lemon cream cheese

Mocha- Chocolate cake filled with coffee ganache and topped with a mocha frosting and ganache drizzle

**Orange Dreamsicle- Orange cake topped with orange cream cheese

Peanut Butter and Jelly- Vanilla cake fileld with grape jelly and topped with peanut butter butter cream and a potato chip

Pecan Pie- Vanilla cake with a pecan pie filling topped with brown sugar buttercream and pecans

**Pumpkin Spice- Pumpkin cake topped with cinnamon cream cheese

Raspberry Indulgence- Chocolate or vanilla cake filled raspberry curd and raspberry buttercream on top

Raspberry Wedding Cake- Almond cake with raspberry curd filling, and raspberry buttercream on top. 


Black Forrest- Chocolate cake filled with cherry liqueur, iced with whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- Vanilla Cake filled with cookie dough and topped with a cookie dough buttercream

Chocolate Covered

Strawberry-  Chocolate cake with strawberry curd filling, topped with a decadent strawberry buttercream and a chocolate covered strawberry on top. **$4.00

Chocolate Oreo- Chocolate Oreo cake with Oreo cream filling, and topped with Oreo buttercream and ganache

Chocolate Peppermint- Chocolate cake topped with crushed peppermint, iced with a peppermint buttercream

Cinnamon Roll- cinnamon and brown sugar cake with cinnamon buttercream swirled on top with a cream cheese center. 

Eggnog- Eggnog cake with eggnog buttercream and sprinkled with nutmeg

Fluffer Nutter- Peanut butter cake with a peanut butter/ marshmallow filling and topped with marshmallow buttercream

Girl Scout Cookie Cupcakes- Thin Mint, Tag-a-long, Samoa **only available in March and April​


**priced at the regular price of $3.00


Daily Flavors

Chocolate Chip 

Nutella White Chocolate Chip

Monster Cookie

Fudgy Cookie



Specialty Menu

White Chocolate Macademia Nut

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin

Cranberry Hootie Creek

Hello Dolly's 

Puppy Chow Cookies 

Royal Icing Sugar Cookies









birthday cake



pink champagne


white chocolate peppermint

salted caramel

cookies n cream



mint chocolate

chocolate chip cheesecake



cookie butter

and more.

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